Electric trike

Your way to freedom. Go green, feel the wind, try the change, the change that will open emotions locked so deep inside. Explore! Try it electric, hills are vanishing, on top there is a view, cars cant make it here, they are on big roads, it is just you and nature. You made it!

Electric trike is not another vehicle, it is a way of life. Life can be tough the same must be electric trike. There are cheap bikes, built to last a season.. but this is not the path we would walk. Instead we choose durability, performance and reliability.


Trike frame

The base for the trike represent a solid structure from AZUB trike manufacturer. AZUB is premium Czech trike manufacturer with established history. Their trikes drives all over the world, they are tested over countless different surfaces and ride types and as such prove to be extremely reliable and suitable for electric conversion. Detailed information can be found on AZUB webpage.

Electric conversion

AZUB trike which can be originally driven by pedaling is electrified. Best in class and performance oriented parts are added to the trike.


Trike is equipped with 50.4V 30.6Ah battery pack which carries 1542Wh of energy. This is enough to cover 100km range without the need to pedal. In case you would like to pedal then the range is increased.  Battery cycle life is 500 – 700 for complete charge discharge. If this is recalculated into kilometers then expect to travel at least 50.000km before battery would degrade to 80% of total capacity available when new. Even after that you can still use your battery. Additionally battery life is increased if charging to 90%. Battery charge time is 6 hours. Charger enables to charge up to  90% and 100%.

Battery is located below the seat close to the ground which lowers center of trike gravity and improves stability.

Together with electronics and direct drive hub motor battery can be charged via regenerative braking – when driving downhill, braking or even pedaling battery can be charged through regenerative braking.

Electric motor

Trike is equipped with powerful and reliable in-wheel direct drive hub motor. In off road conditions motor can reach max power of 2000W and top speed of 45km/h. Motor is equipped with temperature sensor and electronics will limit power if motor tends to overheat. Motor has option of regenerative braking which returns energy back to battery and reduces wear of mechanical brakes

Electronics and control

Electric trike propulsion is controlled via half twist throttle. Further trike is equipped with cruise control which will maintain desired speed.

On-board display shows the speed, battery charge, power, distance, consumption, motor temperature and much more. Additionally it enables some advanced online settings.

Electric trike has 3 options for propulsion:

  • Propulsion by pedaling only
  • Propulsion on electric motor via half twist throttle
  • Combined propulsion on pedaling and electric motor

As such it enables different driving modes which are online adjusted based on terrain and human will

More details about electric trike are available in presentation video below

Custom assembly

My first conversion is from 2012 when AZUB eco trike was electrified and also equipped with solar panel roof. In order to prove reliability and to find weak points a 13 days long trip around Slovenia was organized. Later electric trike was completely reassembled, weak parts were replaced and design was improved. Since then, during the period of 4 years the electric trike was able to drive without any faults for over 500 hours in countless terrain and weather conditions.

With passion and all gathered experiences we offer custom assembly, for details please contact us via contact form