Solar trip

Trip started in August 2014 and lasted for 13 days, covering 1017km on a journey around Slovenia borders. At that time electric recumbent trike was equipped with Solar roof. Solar roof offered protection from direct sunlight; also rain and at the same time was charging the battery and therefore extending trikes range. Overall trip was planned as experiment – how much energy can be covered from solar cells, what is human input and how much electricity will be needed from the grid to charge the battery. At the same time trip was also a great way to test trike durability. At that time the idea of solar powered vehicle was new and it dragged a lot of attention and topic was well covered in local media.

Once on the trip and after first few kilometres i started realising that this is a great way of discovering new places and people. Average travelling speed was 20km/h, this is slow enough that one can observe and enjoy the nature. Actually with time i started to search for small hilly roads which were usually empty. Due to electric assist this was not a problem, and once on the top i was awarded with amazing views and nature. Slowly i started transforming from an engineer to traveller and explorer. Once more i discovered that Slovenia is really beautiful. On such a small landscape there are so many things to see, actually in one day of cycling landscape can completely change which manytimes will leave you breathless.

Overall this journey sparked explorer inside me and since then i am discovering around with my electric trike and after years of usage this is still the best way to spend my free time


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